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Smart Lift

Smart Lift is one of the leading crane hiring and service providing companies in Chennai. We are in hiring business for past ten years, we also do buying and selling of lifting equipments such as Cranes, Man lift or Boom lift, Aerial lift, Scissor lift, Forklift etc. We have a good track record in terms of  Renting of products at minimal rates, Quality services, Punctual in service schedule, Less transit time.


We offer a massive fleet of cranes (from 8.5 to 500 tons) for operated or bare rental to ensure that all of our service


Crane Service Heavy Haul Division specializes in the crane industry and are also well versed and experienced.


Not all crane hirers are experiencing the trend, though. David Slack of Nationwide Crane hire says his business is still.

Our Services

Smart Lift is dedicated to maintaining its position as an industry frontrunner by providing the highest quality, most dependable, safest and most economical service in crane rental, heavy rigging and specialty hauling. Through a staff of highly trained personnel sharing a tradition of service and integrity to it's clients, the company's philosophy will be unchanged with every effort devoted to improving its proud history.

Crane Service

  • Cranes:
    It is mainly used for lifting heavy weights or materials in the construction sector.
  • Manlift:
    The lifting arms of some man lift are capable of telescoping to adjust the reach of the machine with automatic safety controls to prevent tipping over.
  • Scissor Lift:
    It is a type of lift, which can move in single direction either upward or downward.
  • Aerial Lift:
    It is a hydraulic powered mechanical device used to provide access for people or equipment to inaccessible areas usually at height.